Our dedicated team of design professionals can tailor a design suited to the clients needs and desires. Sophisticated deigns and attention to detail is what every home deserves to truly honour the environment and surroundings. Belco Group has been documenting home designs in Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine for almost a decade and has real understanding of these areas and is at the forefront of design trends.


Energy Ratings and good home design go hand in hand. Belco Group have been completing 6 Star Energy Ratings since 2009 and have been a major contributor to supplying 6 Star energy ratings to owner builders, small builders, building designers, architects and volume builders.

For more detailed information on how Belco Group can assist your enerny rating needs please click on the link below.


Passive Solar Design is incredibly important for how liveable your home is in different seasons. Our 3 dimensional computer modelling can calculate and illustrate how much natural light gained through carefully selected windows and doors located in the house. Our shadow diagrams will help guide clever passive solar design based on the homes orientations and season, suited to the clients needs.


Attention to detail is our priority, and creating internal and external spaces that can transform the mood of a home can make the difference between a good house and an exceptional home. Our qualified interior designer can guide the clients through the design process and offer a unique design experience that will give the home clever, well thought perspective and a personal touch to create spaces that will be cherished for family and friends.


Incorporation of indoor spaces to outdoors spaces increases the practicality and livability of home living. Creating a connection from the outside of the home and bringing it inside is a key part to excellent design. At Belco Group we feel its essential to be involved in the design and documentation of landscape plans as this encompasses the entire design of the home and it's connection to the environment.


As a part of the complete documentation of the home Belco Group also documents feature surveys and levels required for planning the homes design based on local and State requirements and also the contours of the property. This information is a vital part of the design process.


Belco Group offers Town Planning documentation and design services when required for the planning of the home. Keeping a holistic approach to the design and documentation for planning and design can keep the process simple and time effective.


Visualising and getting a feel for spaces created for your home is essential in understanding what will inevitably be built. Three dimensional documentation will give the clients a view into the future of their new home. 

Using the latest drone technology, we're able to gather images and video that previously could only be taken from a plane, High resolution overhead images and video, cinematic video sequences, and landscape images are only a few of the things these devices are capable of. Click here to see some examples